Local Supermarket Showdown

Harrisville Harbor Grocery

Let us start in the easternmost part of our county, on the coast of Lake Huron. This friendly supermarket is known as “Harrisville Harbor Grocery” resides in Alcona’s largest tourist location. They are busiest in the summer, therefore in the winter, you will get in and out quickest. Unfortunately, they close earlier than Krismart(see Time Table at back for more info), so night shopping is off limits for this cozy shop. One thing to keep in mind is that the prices in this shop are generally higher than larger grade stores, or the two other local supermarkets(Family Dollar and Krismart). A gallon of milk remains at approximately $2.99 throughout the year at HHG, while a 32oz bottle of ketchup rests around $3.69. I used the Consumer Price Index(CPI) as an inspiration for selecting products based on their commonness. As soon as you enter the HHG, an aroma from their deli wafts towards you. The smell is amazing. The music in the store is older, yet fits the classical theme of the shop. Old and furnished wood covers the floor while robin-egg blue walls wrap around the sides. This, combined with the tall ceiling and bright lighting, gives the feeling of being outside on a sunny spring day. Although, the aisles throughout the store are scattered in an unorganized and hectic way. The position of these aisles could be better to fit a larger stock, yet the open area gives an open and non-confining feel. The only drawback to this spread-out style is the lack of inventory. They have the essential products, yet lack the variety of kinds, and the overall range of groceries is limited. In conclusion, HHG is a great local supermarket that you would shop at if you are in Harrisville, want a warm, welcoming, and simple experience or whether you want a pick-up lunch from their cleanly deli.