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This is my Stylish Schedule

My Busy Schedule
Event Time Description
College Exam 8:00 A.M - 10:30 A.M ENG 112 Final Exam
Scholarly Brunch 11:00 A.M - 12:00 P.M North Star League for Scholarly Athletes
Middle School Robotics Mentoring 12:24 P.M - 1:21 P.M First Robotics Tech Challenge Mentorship
Ap Computer Science 1:25 P.M - 2:18 P.M Assist students in learning and creating in JavaScript
Pre Calculus Test 2:24 P.M - 3:15 P.M. Test on Conic Parabolas
Track Meet 4:00 P.M - 8:00 P.M Home Track Meet for North Star League
Housing Sign-up at 10:00 P.M Sign up for housing at UofM
AP Final Due at 11:59 P.M Ap Computer Science Principles tasks due for grading on Collegeboard